Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i have not seen you in a while...

new stuff coming soon. food stories. weekend stories. girl stories. friend stories. music stories. adventure stories. art stories. story stories.

Friday, October 16, 2009

CD of the week #1: The Dismemberment Plan's Change

Here we are, first CD of what I hope to be a long, illustrious music posting career here on motz blog. We're gunna start with a CD that has become a main stay in my CD collection since my first listen well over a year ago. If you aren't a little slow, you probably read the title, but if you missed it, we're talking about The Dismemberment Plan's album by the name of Change.

Change is one of those few CDs that a person can come across and just not complain about. It is a CD dealing a lot with relationships, loss and other heavily emotional issues. The pacing of the album is near flawless, even though I think the placement of a song or two could've been better. Musically, the band is stunning, their instruments working damn near perfect with Travis Morrison's voice to create what has to be one of my favorite albums. As in if I wrote a Top 3 albums list, this would be #1 or #2. I kinda wanna leave #1 open in case something as amazing as this CD comes along.

This is a great indie rock (don't label this emo or I will junk-punch you) album that feeds on one thing almost all of us can relate to, our interactions with others. Listen to this CD the full way through, post your comments, tell me I'm 10 years late on this CD, whatever, I would love to know people are taking my suggestions! See you next Thursday!

(right click, save as, double click, extract, listen!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hello hi

welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming!

I have been lazy about this blog. motz blog deserves better. In this vein of this, I am starting some new features. CD of the Week, something I used to do via Myspace years ago, will be resuming this week. I will write up a couple paragraph blurb on the band and a small review of the album, as well as a link to download the full album. Maybe some Youtubes too. And pretty pictures. The music will be all across the board, oldies, newies, rock, rap, electronic, you name it. I got enough music to get me through until I get the new computer, so don't worry!

I will also try to do an at-least-once-a-week write up on what I've been up to. I need to write down memories, or even just whatever I remember from that night. Its a good habit to have people!

Finally, I will probably vent about political shit on here. But I will warn you, so if you don't want to read my driveling stupid bullshit about politics, you can smile and move on! See you tomorrow for the first CD of the week!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dream Cruise weekend, then a huge ass bonfire? Anyone got a spare liver?

Dream Cruise weekend brought out the inner retard in myself, just as it has the past two years. We almost got taken to the drunk space for fucking around on 12 mile in Berkley. We were wrestling, running into rose bushes, throwing an empty Tupperware container at each other, you name it. I'm surprised I was able to talk myself out of that situation. I guess the tongue prevails once and a while?? Oh well, I just thought I'd let you guys know, I have the "talking my way out of a drunk and disorderly" badge on my Boy Scout sash thing now, so you should all be proud.

The Great American Birthday Bonfire Bash is this weekend. Two days of mayhem, alcohol and general retardation. I will try to get lots of pictures to upload for you guys, so you all can just be absolutely stunned how natural selection has somehow skipped us over. Until then, enjoy!


Friday, August 14, 2009

music you may enjoy

sit back, grab a beer. listen to these tunes. i absolutely demand it of you.


The Horrors

Section 25

these three cover my taste lately. loud and angsty. a lil chill sometimes. good tunes. enjoy, they are quality music.

welcome to the new motz blog

I have remade my blog and am fine tweaking it as we speak. I will add pretty pictures soon and we will have so much fun together! Good night kids, sleep sweet.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slowly but surely, I must stop trying to get cancer.

Day 3 of not smoking as much. I refuse to outright quit, as it will be setting myself for disaster the first time I have a few beers. However, I do feel really good, physically that is. I still would absolutely enjoy to go into a room full of screaming children and punch each and every single one of them. My ultimate goal is to be down to less than a pack a week by the end of summer. Then after that, one pack every two weeks. You get where I'm going, until I've totally annihilated my dependancy on tobacco. Cheers to at least trying!!

cough hack hack cough whats this black stuff,