Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slowly but surely, I must stop trying to get cancer.

Day 3 of not smoking as much. I refuse to outright quit, as it will be setting myself for disaster the first time I have a few beers. However, I do feel really good, physically that is. I still would absolutely enjoy to go into a room full of screaming children and punch each and every single one of them. My ultimate goal is to be down to less than a pack a week by the end of summer. Then after that, one pack every two weeks. You get where I'm going, until I've totally annihilated my dependancy on tobacco. Cheers to at least trying!!

cough hack hack cough whats this black stuff,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

DJ Dara just melted my fucking face off

We saw DJ Dara last night. He's a really really amazing drum 'n bass DJ who totally owns and melts faces with his wicked sick beats and dope as fuck drops. Yeah, I would marry the man. He spun at the Works, along with DJ Bone (who was totally ownage) Jesse James and some other dudes who made house music. It was very awesome, and very fun. $20 cover, but worth every second. Also worth it because Adrian got totally fucked up and we had to almost carry her out. We ended up getting high and watching To Catch a Predator on the couch. Again. This is becoming a bad habit, but bad habits are fun.

Some stupid shit went down this week, I'm pretty emotionally exhausted. I know I've either shrugged off or been rude to some people, but I still love you all. Even though only maybe like, one or two people actually read this thing. Soon I will be back to normal Motz and all will be well in the world.

bon voyage my mates!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

DEMF, Halfway to Halloween, Libby Graduating, Smirnoff and Vodkas

I am a lazy son of a bitch. Please, yell at me for being so lazy and unwilling to write about my personal life which I actively would like to share with you wonderful individuals. I am now going to explain the past almost month of my life to you. Sit down, its a fun ride.

I went to DEMF and got drunk and put substances in my body and partied non-stop for like, four days. It was a total blast. Benny Benassi, Bad Boy Bill, Tiga, Derrick May, Kevin Saundersen, Carl Cox, Carl Craig, all absolutely amazing. I met DJ Seoul again and talked to him for a while. I like him, would marry him if I had a vagina. Great weekend, gotta wait another fucking 11 months for that shit. Unfair, un-fucking-fair.

The weekend after there was a little affair known as Halfway to Halloween in Pontiac. It owned. John was a big cardboard robot, I was a mechanic for the afformentioned robot. We won a costume contest and got some neat shit and a $100 gift certificate to Eternal Tattoo in Clawson. I need to figure out what to get now...

My sister graduated, it was exciting and stuff because we're so proud of her! Yay! Excitement! Heres an embarassing picture of her.

Now lets applaude her for being so successful! Yay! She's going to CMU too. I know what I'm going to be doing a few weekends a year.

Then I had a bonfire the day after, it was dope. I got really trashed up and passed out because I'm a classy broad like that. Then Jamie and I mutually broke up and we're friends and life is okay and stuff. Then after that, I went to another bonfire! And did the same as the last bonfire! Yay!

Sorry if I seem to have a lack of enthusiasm. I'm tired or something. I promise my next blog entry will be super sarcastic and enjoyable.

c'est la vie mi amors