Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dream Cruise weekend, then a huge ass bonfire? Anyone got a spare liver?

Dream Cruise weekend brought out the inner retard in myself, just as it has the past two years. We almost got taken to the drunk space for fucking around on 12 mile in Berkley. We were wrestling, running into rose bushes, throwing an empty Tupperware container at each other, you name it. I'm surprised I was able to talk myself out of that situation. I guess the tongue prevails once and a while?? Oh well, I just thought I'd let you guys know, I have the "talking my way out of a drunk and disorderly" badge on my Boy Scout sash thing now, so you should all be proud.

The Great American Birthday Bonfire Bash is this weekend. Two days of mayhem, alcohol and general retardation. I will try to get lots of pictures to upload for you guys, so you all can just be absolutely stunned how natural selection has somehow skipped us over. Until then, enjoy!


Friday, August 14, 2009

music you may enjoy

sit back, grab a beer. listen to these tunes. i absolutely demand it of you.


The Horrors

Section 25

these three cover my taste lately. loud and angsty. a lil chill sometimes. good tunes. enjoy, they are quality music.

welcome to the new motz blog

I have remade my blog and am fine tweaking it as we speak. I will add pretty pictures soon and we will have so much fun together! Good night kids, sleep sweet.