Friday, October 16, 2009

CD of the week #1: The Dismemberment Plan's Change

Here we are, first CD of what I hope to be a long, illustrious music posting career here on motz blog. We're gunna start with a CD that has become a main stay in my CD collection since my first listen well over a year ago. If you aren't a little slow, you probably read the title, but if you missed it, we're talking about The Dismemberment Plan's album by the name of Change.

Change is one of those few CDs that a person can come across and just not complain about. It is a CD dealing a lot with relationships, loss and other heavily emotional issues. The pacing of the album is near flawless, even though I think the placement of a song or two could've been better. Musically, the band is stunning, their instruments working damn near perfect with Travis Morrison's voice to create what has to be one of my favorite albums. As in if I wrote a Top 3 albums list, this would be #1 or #2. I kinda wanna leave #1 open in case something as amazing as this CD comes along.

This is a great indie rock (don't label this emo or I will junk-punch you) album that feeds on one thing almost all of us can relate to, our interactions with others. Listen to this CD the full way through, post your comments, tell me I'm 10 years late on this CD, whatever, I would love to know people are taking my suggestions! See you next Thursday!

(right click, save as, double click, extract, listen!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hello hi

welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming!

I have been lazy about this blog. motz blog deserves better. In this vein of this, I am starting some new features. CD of the Week, something I used to do via Myspace years ago, will be resuming this week. I will write up a couple paragraph blurb on the band and a small review of the album, as well as a link to download the full album. Maybe some Youtubes too. And pretty pictures. The music will be all across the board, oldies, newies, rock, rap, electronic, you name it. I got enough music to get me through until I get the new computer, so don't worry!

I will also try to do an at-least-once-a-week write up on what I've been up to. I need to write down memories, or even just whatever I remember from that night. Its a good habit to have people!

Finally, I will probably vent about political shit on here. But I will warn you, so if you don't want to read my driveling stupid bullshit about politics, you can smile and move on! See you tomorrow for the first CD of the week!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dream Cruise weekend, then a huge ass bonfire? Anyone got a spare liver?

Dream Cruise weekend brought out the inner retard in myself, just as it has the past two years. We almost got taken to the drunk space for fucking around on 12 mile in Berkley. We were wrestling, running into rose bushes, throwing an empty Tupperware container at each other, you name it. I'm surprised I was able to talk myself out of that situation. I guess the tongue prevails once and a while?? Oh well, I just thought I'd let you guys know, I have the "talking my way out of a drunk and disorderly" badge on my Boy Scout sash thing now, so you should all be proud.

The Great American Birthday Bonfire Bash is this weekend. Two days of mayhem, alcohol and general retardation. I will try to get lots of pictures to upload for you guys, so you all can just be absolutely stunned how natural selection has somehow skipped us over. Until then, enjoy!


Friday, August 14, 2009

music you may enjoy

sit back, grab a beer. listen to these tunes. i absolutely demand it of you.


The Horrors

Section 25

these three cover my taste lately. loud and angsty. a lil chill sometimes. good tunes. enjoy, they are quality music.

welcome to the new motz blog

I have remade my blog and am fine tweaking it as we speak. I will add pretty pictures soon and we will have so much fun together! Good night kids, sleep sweet.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slowly but surely, I must stop trying to get cancer.

Day 3 of not smoking as much. I refuse to outright quit, as it will be setting myself for disaster the first time I have a few beers. However, I do feel really good, physically that is. I still would absolutely enjoy to go into a room full of screaming children and punch each and every single one of them. My ultimate goal is to be down to less than a pack a week by the end of summer. Then after that, one pack every two weeks. You get where I'm going, until I've totally annihilated my dependancy on tobacco. Cheers to at least trying!!

cough hack hack cough whats this black stuff,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

DJ Dara just melted my fucking face off

We saw DJ Dara last night. He's a really really amazing drum 'n bass DJ who totally owns and melts faces with his wicked sick beats and dope as fuck drops. Yeah, I would marry the man. He spun at the Works, along with DJ Bone (who was totally ownage) Jesse James and some other dudes who made house music. It was very awesome, and very fun. $20 cover, but worth every second. Also worth it because Adrian got totally fucked up and we had to almost carry her out. We ended up getting high and watching To Catch a Predator on the couch. Again. This is becoming a bad habit, but bad habits are fun.

Some stupid shit went down this week, I'm pretty emotionally exhausted. I know I've either shrugged off or been rude to some people, but I still love you all. Even though only maybe like, one or two people actually read this thing. Soon I will be back to normal Motz and all will be well in the world.

bon voyage my mates!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

DEMF, Halfway to Halloween, Libby Graduating, Smirnoff and Vodkas

I am a lazy son of a bitch. Please, yell at me for being so lazy and unwilling to write about my personal life which I actively would like to share with you wonderful individuals. I am now going to explain the past almost month of my life to you. Sit down, its a fun ride.

I went to DEMF and got drunk and put substances in my body and partied non-stop for like, four days. It was a total blast. Benny Benassi, Bad Boy Bill, Tiga, Derrick May, Kevin Saundersen, Carl Cox, Carl Craig, all absolutely amazing. I met DJ Seoul again and talked to him for a while. I like him, would marry him if I had a vagina. Great weekend, gotta wait another fucking 11 months for that shit. Unfair, un-fucking-fair.

The weekend after there was a little affair known as Halfway to Halloween in Pontiac. It owned. John was a big cardboard robot, I was a mechanic for the afformentioned robot. We won a costume contest and got some neat shit and a $100 gift certificate to Eternal Tattoo in Clawson. I need to figure out what to get now...

My sister graduated, it was exciting and stuff because we're so proud of her! Yay! Excitement! Heres an embarassing picture of her.

Now lets applaude her for being so successful! Yay! She's going to CMU too. I know what I'm going to be doing a few weekends a year.

Then I had a bonfire the day after, it was dope. I got really trashed up and passed out because I'm a classy broad like that. Then Jamie and I mutually broke up and we're friends and life is okay and stuff. Then after that, I went to another bonfire! And did the same as the last bonfire! Yay!

Sorry if I seem to have a lack of enthusiasm. I'm tired or something. I promise my next blog entry will be super sarcastic and enjoyable.

c'est la vie mi amors

Friday, May 22, 2009

DEMF 2009: No piggyback rides and less vodka!

Looks like it will be a good year. I'm leaving in about an hour to go start the party, hopefully everything will go well. I will update in the morning after each day if time permits. I hope I see all your asses down there, so enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This past week in a review: I ordered a PBR and the fucker gave me a Coors Light

I've been spotty with my updating, but determined I had to get back into the swing of things. This past week was pretty productive, with plenty of liver domination taking place. There was also a date with Jamie, a bunch of yard work and some Red Wings games. Overall, a pretty solid week. Day by day recap, ahoy!

Starting with Monday (5/11), I drank a bit and did something that I didn't remember because it obviously wasn't wicked awesome enough. Yaaay!
Tuesday, I worked one of those stupid mid-day shifts, then watched the Red Wings game with John at McClain's house. We lost, it was a dumb game with dumb penalties and dumb refs and just general stupidity all around. Oh, and we grilled some burgers before the game. They were really big, and pretty delicious. There was some dairy product on them, but otherwise fairly boring. After the game, we went to Baileys, where I actually beat John in darts!

Wednesday started the real fun, though. I worked another mid day or had the day off or whatever I did, and Nicole wanted company to go meet the bro she's kind of seeing but I'm not really sure since I am not going to be one to decide for her. We met up at The Post in Ferndale for $1 domestics, we being Nicole, Jamie, John, Angelina, Mary and Renee, later joined by dank. We drank a bunch of beers and then Nicole went to Dinos and drama drama drama, we needed somewhere to go. I had a MIRACULOUS idea, Davo just started spinning a night at Gracie's Underground in Ferndale. We ended up going there, and as expected, the music was fantastic and the drinks were overpriced. We danced and had a blast, like our group does, even though it was at the expense of my dollars in my bank account. After that, I spent the night at Jamie's and then went home to rest more, for....

Thursday! Date with Jamie (will post a seperate update with info on what we did!), then Red Wings vs. Ducks Game 7, no one was having people over, it was basically the most mind boggling thing ever. So, John and I settled on Marinelli's so that we could drink stupid amounts of beer and eat decent food for totally cheap. Wings ended up winning, like 3-2 or 4-3 but it was a good game regardless. After that, we went to Luna! Surprise, right? 80s night, got drunk and was reminded how fucking annoying John's friend Lindsay's friend Kirby is. I seriously want to make her go away permanently, but I don't wanna go on trial for that.

Friday, I worked and went to Luna for a couple hours for Sugar Hiccup. I promise I was there for less than 3 hours! Didn't get drunk, went home to sleep. Kinda like...

Saturday! Same thing, except it was Mikey's birthday. Unexciting. Totally not legit. Basically the polar opposite of...

Sunday night! Marty Luigi Bufalini's birthday party at a loft down in Greektown. It was a blast, and I drank a lot and inhaled not-so-legal chemicals! I wheeled around in a wheelchair half the night, beat John at a game of ping pong, and had Lafyette Coney Island at like 4:30 in the morning. It was a really fun night, I need to make a picture account to put all these pictures up for you fruitcakes.

This weekend is DEMF. I will report. It will be amazing. I will not be sober for a period lasting up to 4 days. Be ready kids, Motz is ragin'. See you soon, space cow-people

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Forgot to mention


Thats free KFC for ya, kids. Print it out at 3 am when you return home from the bar, and think about the awesome hangover solution that it will be tomorrow!!

Fly high and safe kids,

This past weekend: HEY LETS GO TO LUNA SOME MORE!

Yeah, I spent most my time at Luna last week. I suck. Basically Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I saw everyone, it wasn't very thrilling. Wednesday I got really drunk. Friday was the DVD release party for the first movie I ever worked on, First Day. It was good, I got drunk that night also. As a note, that night ended up like crap for reasons I'd rather not make public, but I must try and remember, I have bad decision making skills while intoxicated.

Saturday though, was actually somewhat noteworthy! I did yard work (yaaaaaay), then got my oil changed, then picked up Jamie for one of the most interesting nights I've had in a while. Angelina's birthday dinner. All hand-cooked by the wonderful Marty Bufalini, the guy who does traffic on 760 AM I think, and sometimes on like FOX and stuff. He's an absolutely hilarious dude who cooks the best Italian food I've ever eaten. We're talking gourmet restraunt quality here. So I drank a bunch of wine and Italian liquor and then had some delicious $5/6 pack Oatmeal stout, ate the most delicious food I've had in ages, then sat around and chatted with an awesome group of people. We went to Luna, drank more, then I went to Aleksey's party and, shocker, drank more. After that, I slept, in my own bed!!!

In store for this week: Cinco de Mayo party @ the Works tonight, MY FREE PLAYSTATION 2 TOMORROW!!!, Nicole's Karaoke B-day party on Friday, then Nicole's Luna party Saturday. I think my sister has prom in there somewhere too. I'm not sure. I leave you with a pic that sums up the week pretty well:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Justin Verlander pitched a good game? Holy shit!!

Some of you may know, Mr. J. Huges invited me a baseball game yesterday, featuring my favorite team and my least favorite team, aka Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees. This wasn't any normal "Hey, lets go get bleacher seats and smuggle in some booze and get shitfaced" baseball game, Huges and his manager at work, Katsuko, were given these tickets by the man Carlos Guillen himself. 28th row, right behind home plate. Yeah it was nice.

So, on to a summary of the game itself. Verlander pitched an absolutely BEAUTIFUL 7 inning game, giving up only 6 hits and no runs. The Tigers eventually ended the game, 4-2, giving the Yanks their 4th straight loss. I personally believe its much deserved, after years and years of douchebaggery on Yanks fans. That just about sums up the game. Now on to the fun part, what happened at the game!

We went with Huges boss, Katsuko, who is an old asian lady. She also brought her old asian lady friend, whose name I did not catch. Apparently, they are gambling buddies and well, they get pretty excited at baseball games. It was pretty amusing. The non-amusing part was the crowd of shitfaced broads behind us for the first five or six innings. Holy shit, you couldn't even count on the tortured soul of an old slave to provide this much banshee-like wailing. Not to mention the 40-something mom incessently mentioning how shitfaced she was, but she needed another margarita. Besides them, the usual fare of rich kids with a lot of money, blue collar families enjoying a night out and really large, kind of older men with large tits. Nothing new.

Afterwards we decided to head to Royal Oak, in hopes that a female John had met the previous week would come join us for an alcoholic beverage or two. We settled on Lily's Seafood, since their microbrews were only $2 on Mondays, she settled on "going to bed" yet texting him until something like 11:30 or midnight. We had one, decided we wanted cheap food and decided to hit up TGI Fridays with some awesome coupons for happy hour. We had a 1 cent appetizer coupon and a Buy One Entree Get a Second for $1 coupon. Not bad, right? Can't say the same about the food. They only make their burgers medium-well. What kind of a hamburger hating company is that? What the fuck? Do you only do your steaks well? Fuck you guys. I'm not going back to abuse my coupons, I'll eat ramen instead of your 'medium well' bullshit. (the title image is from the wall on TGI Fridays, it basically describes them very well)

So, that was my Monday. It was semi-exciting. I don't think I am doing too much this week, until Friday which is the First Day DVD Release Party at Luna. Then Saturday is stupid-ridiculous italian dinner night at Angelina's. Then Luna again. Exciting, huh? The week after has more fun in store though, I promise!

Keep it fierce kids!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bonfire status: "Hahahaha yeah right!!" -Mother Nature

So Mother Nature has told us bonfire goers to fuck off this year. How you ask?

A giant fuck-off sized puddle of water we lovingly refer to as "Lake Motzenbecker".  Difference between a normal spring, however, is that the afformentioned fuck-off sized puddle of water usually disappears in a week or two. Meaning its usually not 30 fucking feet big. I apologize for the inconvienance, but if anyone can help me figure out of a way to displace a 30 foot lake, it'd be greatly appreciated and would be repaid with large amounts of PBR.

til next time, tater tots

a summary of my history as a human being

Be prepared for this epicly boring tale! I was born to Trudi and George Motzenbecker in April of '84. My life was boring. I spent my summers up north, around Torch Lake, and spent the rest of my time in Troy. In short, nothing notable happened in my life until about the time I turned 21, when shit started going haywire. About the time I turned 21, I was coming out of my shell as a ridiculously quiet, shy hermit who had next to no friends. These are no lies, my friends, I was a hermit.

About halfway through my 21st year of existence, I got back in touch with a good friend from high school, Mike Pierce. We started partying. A lot. Then John Hughes (henceforth referred to as Huges) came home from MSU and shit went wild. Since then, my life has been a haze of partying, meeting new people, doing somewhat unintelligent things, all the while working a shitty retail job. And here we are today, I'm 25 with an amazing group of friends that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world, still working the same shitty job and trying to get my life going in the right direction.

While I will mostly be posting about awesome partying adventures and the things that I do, some it might be some boring whiny crap about my life, which I will tag properly so you can skim over it, say "I'm sorry, I hope things get better" and then I will smile a bit and get over myself and the world will generally be a better place. 

See you soon, space cowboys!


well hello there

I always promised I would never start a blog. This will basically be a place to document my adventures, a place with photos and stories and stupid shit like that. Soon, I will write a brief history of how I got here, a painfully boring tale that really doesn't get interesting until I hit 21, basically! See you soon, space cowboys