Monday, April 27, 2009

a summary of my history as a human being

Be prepared for this epicly boring tale! I was born to Trudi and George Motzenbecker in April of '84. My life was boring. I spent my summers up north, around Torch Lake, and spent the rest of my time in Troy. In short, nothing notable happened in my life until about the time I turned 21, when shit started going haywire. About the time I turned 21, I was coming out of my shell as a ridiculously quiet, shy hermit who had next to no friends. These are no lies, my friends, I was a hermit.

About halfway through my 21st year of existence, I got back in touch with a good friend from high school, Mike Pierce. We started partying. A lot. Then John Hughes (henceforth referred to as Huges) came home from MSU and shit went wild. Since then, my life has been a haze of partying, meeting new people, doing somewhat unintelligent things, all the while working a shitty retail job. And here we are today, I'm 25 with an amazing group of friends that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world, still working the same shitty job and trying to get my life going in the right direction.

While I will mostly be posting about awesome partying adventures and the things that I do, some it might be some boring whiny crap about my life, which I will tag properly so you can skim over it, say "I'm sorry, I hope things get better" and then I will smile a bit and get over myself and the world will generally be a better place. 

See you soon, space cowboys!


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