Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This past weekend: HEY LETS GO TO LUNA SOME MORE!

Yeah, I spent most my time at Luna last week. I suck. Basically Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I saw everyone, it wasn't very thrilling. Wednesday I got really drunk. Friday was the DVD release party for the first movie I ever worked on, First Day. It was good, I got drunk that night also. As a note, that night ended up like crap for reasons I'd rather not make public, but I must try and remember, I have bad decision making skills while intoxicated.

Saturday though, was actually somewhat noteworthy! I did yard work (yaaaaaay), then got my oil changed, then picked up Jamie for one of the most interesting nights I've had in a while. Angelina's birthday dinner. All hand-cooked by the wonderful Marty Bufalini, the guy who does traffic on 760 AM I think, and sometimes on like FOX and stuff. He's an absolutely hilarious dude who cooks the best Italian food I've ever eaten. We're talking gourmet restraunt quality here. So I drank a bunch of wine and Italian liquor and then had some delicious $5/6 pack Oatmeal stout, ate the most delicious food I've had in ages, then sat around and chatted with an awesome group of people. We went to Luna, drank more, then I went to Aleksey's party and, shocker, drank more. After that, I slept, in my own bed!!!

In store for this week: Cinco de Mayo party @ the Works tonight, MY FREE PLAYSTATION 2 TOMORROW!!!, Nicole's Karaoke B-day party on Friday, then Nicole's Luna party Saturday. I think my sister has prom in there somewhere too. I'm not sure. I leave you with a pic that sums up the week pretty well:

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