Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This past week in a review: I ordered a PBR and the fucker gave me a Coors Light

I've been spotty with my updating, but determined I had to get back into the swing of things. This past week was pretty productive, with plenty of liver domination taking place. There was also a date with Jamie, a bunch of yard work and some Red Wings games. Overall, a pretty solid week. Day by day recap, ahoy!

Starting with Monday (5/11), I drank a bit and did something that I didn't remember because it obviously wasn't wicked awesome enough. Yaaay!
Tuesday, I worked one of those stupid mid-day shifts, then watched the Red Wings game with John at McClain's house. We lost, it was a dumb game with dumb penalties and dumb refs and just general stupidity all around. Oh, and we grilled some burgers before the game. They were really big, and pretty delicious. There was some dairy product on them, but otherwise fairly boring. After the game, we went to Baileys, where I actually beat John in darts!

Wednesday started the real fun, though. I worked another mid day or had the day off or whatever I did, and Nicole wanted company to go meet the bro she's kind of seeing but I'm not really sure since I am not going to be one to decide for her. We met up at The Post in Ferndale for $1 domestics, we being Nicole, Jamie, John, Angelina, Mary and Renee, later joined by dank. We drank a bunch of beers and then Nicole went to Dinos and drama drama drama, we needed somewhere to go. I had a MIRACULOUS idea, Davo just started spinning a night at Gracie's Underground in Ferndale. We ended up going there, and as expected, the music was fantastic and the drinks were overpriced. We danced and had a blast, like our group does, even though it was at the expense of my dollars in my bank account. After that, I spent the night at Jamie's and then went home to rest more, for....

Thursday! Date with Jamie (will post a seperate update with info on what we did!), then Red Wings vs. Ducks Game 7, no one was having people over, it was basically the most mind boggling thing ever. So, John and I settled on Marinelli's so that we could drink stupid amounts of beer and eat decent food for totally cheap. Wings ended up winning, like 3-2 or 4-3 but it was a good game regardless. After that, we went to Luna! Surprise, right? 80s night, got drunk and was reminded how fucking annoying John's friend Lindsay's friend Kirby is. I seriously want to make her go away permanently, but I don't wanna go on trial for that.

Friday, I worked and went to Luna for a couple hours for Sugar Hiccup. I promise I was there for less than 3 hours! Didn't get drunk, went home to sleep. Kinda like...

Saturday! Same thing, except it was Mikey's birthday. Unexciting. Totally not legit. Basically the polar opposite of...

Sunday night! Marty Luigi Bufalini's birthday party at a loft down in Greektown. It was a blast, and I drank a lot and inhaled not-so-legal chemicals! I wheeled around in a wheelchair half the night, beat John at a game of ping pong, and had Lafyette Coney Island at like 4:30 in the morning. It was a really fun night, I need to make a picture account to put all these pictures up for you fruitcakes.

This weekend is DEMF. I will report. It will be amazing. I will not be sober for a period lasting up to 4 days. Be ready kids, Motz is ragin'. See you soon, space cow-people

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