Friday, October 16, 2009

CD of the week #1: The Dismemberment Plan's Change

Here we are, first CD of what I hope to be a long, illustrious music posting career here on motz blog. We're gunna start with a CD that has become a main stay in my CD collection since my first listen well over a year ago. If you aren't a little slow, you probably read the title, but if you missed it, we're talking about The Dismemberment Plan's album by the name of Change.

Change is one of those few CDs that a person can come across and just not complain about. It is a CD dealing a lot with relationships, loss and other heavily emotional issues. The pacing of the album is near flawless, even though I think the placement of a song or two could've been better. Musically, the band is stunning, their instruments working damn near perfect with Travis Morrison's voice to create what has to be one of my favorite albums. As in if I wrote a Top 3 albums list, this would be #1 or #2. I kinda wanna leave #1 open in case something as amazing as this CD comes along.

This is a great indie rock (don't label this emo or I will junk-punch you) album that feeds on one thing almost all of us can relate to, our interactions with others. Listen to this CD the full way through, post your comments, tell me I'm 10 years late on this CD, whatever, I would love to know people are taking my suggestions! See you next Thursday!

(right click, save as, double click, extract, listen!)

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